Adobe Experience Manager

Efficient Content Creation and Localization

Connect AEM and Translation Processes

Adobe Experience Manager is one of the leading web content management systems. By allowing clients to create re-usable content for multiple digital channels, it helps them deliver consistent experiences in less time. If you’re not only operating on multiple channels, but in multiple markets as well, consider expanding this efficient workflow with an AEM package to automate translation processes.

AEM Integration Benefits

We integrate Adobe Experience Manager and translation processes for streamlined multi-lingual publishing.

Deliver your cross-channel, multi-lingual content faster than ever before. Once the package is installed, you can start requesting translations directly within AEM to reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

The integration helps you:

  • Automatically send and receive content for translation 
  • Avoid errors caused by unclear communication or copying/pasting content 
  • Easily scale to as many languages as you need

Combine Automation and Quality

While processes are automated, rest assured that your content is translated by professional linguists.

The AEM integration offers a seamless, automated translation workflow, but we always make sure your content gets the attention it needs. We assign translators with the right training and expertise. With access to a translation memory and terminology base, they create consistent brand experiences in the target language. And by using a visual editor that shows how and where your original content is used, we can perform a thorough, in-context translation and review to deliver content that is ready for publication.

Specialized Translations, Seamlessly

Our integration is all about eliminating manual tasks to save time. For us, the real work begins once we’ve received your content. While you’re waiting for your translations to be automatically delivered, check out our services to learn more about what happens behind the scenes. 

Targeted AEM Content

A high-quality online presence is key to reaching your business goals. We help you reach them worldwide.

Are you using AEM to deliver first-class customer experiences? And you want your web content to have the same impact in another country? You need targeted translations using local references and conventions.

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Automation All the Way

Take automation one step further by using computer translations for your non-marketing content.

For your content that doesn’t require a creative, human touch, we offer an extra layer of automation. Our automated translation services, combined with human post-editing to ensure quality, offer significant time and cost savings.

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10 Common SEO Fails with Website Translations


Don’t let SEO errors sabotage your international website launch. Download this white paper to find out what common mistakes you can avoid and learn why integrating AEM translation and SEO research for every language may get you the best results.

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Choosing the Right Translation Partner


Translation might not be your area of expertise, but with some basic knowledge of the translation process, your projects are more likely to be completed with success. Learn what to expect from translation – and what translators expect from you.

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Custom Solution for Your AEM Content

Integration with Adobe Experience Manager is just one of the many solutions we offer. Every customer, every project is different: from different target audiences and deadlines to different content types and quality demands. If you’re planning on being a long-term customer, we want to get a clear overview of your request, so we can set up the best possible workflow and team.

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