Source Optimization

Save Money And Improve Text Quality

Iron Out Inconsistencies

Source optimization is a term mainly known from Data Sciences, but can be just as interesting for you. If you have a large volume of texts that need translating, written by different writers or containing a lot of duplicate content, source optimization may save you a lot of time and money. We can smooth out inconsistencies in your texts, such as small, but annoying variations in notation. Take capitalization, or punctuation in bullet lists, or way of addressing your audience. If you clear out inconsistencies before translating, the translated text will be of better quality.

Make Your Source Better

We always aim for delivering the highest quality translations we can. Source optimization can be the key to successful translation.

Not every source text is perfectly written. Take for example a webshop, where thousands of items need descriptions, possibly not even written by your own employees. This inevitably leads to inconsistencies in the text, and therefore inferior quality of the translated text. The inconsistencies will be transferred, unless you perform source optimization or extensive post-translation review. Read more about all our types of quality assurance:

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Make Your Source Better

Prepare For MT

If you want to make use of machine translation, it may be beneficial to prepare your text with source optimization first.

Small inconsistencies in your source text can lead to completely different translations when using MT. Optimizing your source before letting the machines work their magic, ultimately diminishes the amount of mistakes and therefore the amount of review needed.

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Choosing the Right Translation Partner


What does a good translation workflow have to offer besides the possibility of source optimization? Find out what works for your company and how a personalized translation solution can take your business to the next level by reading our white paper on this topic.

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We offer services for a wide variety of content types, to make sure that after the source optimization the translation comes out great. Our project managers help you set up a translation workflow that fits your business, with whichever range of services you require.

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