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Detail-Oriented Legal Translation Services

As a multilingual business looking to succeed globally, you need to have your legal affairs in order wherever you operate. Whether it’s patent applications, contracts or service agreements, we can handle all your legal document translation services. Scriptware is a trustworthy partner for your sensitive materials. We work with experienced legal translators because we know what’s at stake. We understand that accuracy and confidentiality are key.

Service with Precision

Looking for streamlined legal document translation services? We’ve got you covered.

Your legal content needs to be treated with care. Quality, deadline and other demands must always be met. We deliver tailored legal translation services to do just that. With top-notch tools and responsive project managers, we ensure high quality and smooth processes, all the while keeping your data safe.

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Fast Legal Translation

Held back by volume, deadline or budget? Machine translation is the answer to your legal translation needs.

Large amounts of discovery documents or a tight window for translation and approval of your Terms and Conditions? Automated translation can seriously speed up the process and give you a basic understanding of the content. Or pair it with a legal post-editor for more cost-efficient quality translations.

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Legal Translation for Google


One of Googles core values is to make information accessible, which also means providing content in the users’ native languages. This is where Scriptware comes in. We deliver clear legal translations of texts that can be harder to grasp, such as policies and terms.

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Choosing the Right Translation Partner


Finding the right partner for your legal translation services can be tricky. What works best depends on the size of your project, your target audience and more. Read about different types of translation providers and get useful tips for defining your translation project to lay the foundation for success.

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