Jira Translation

Managing Translation of Jira Issue Attachments

Jira Connector for Translation

Jira is a management tool used in software development to track bugs and issues. With scrum and Kanban boards, customizable workflows and endless integration options it enables agile teams to track their work and deliver great software. We offer integration with Jira to easily scale your software to additional languages. After initial setup, the entire translation process is handled automatically, without extra effort from your team. 

Translation with Jira

To start your automatic translations, we connect your Jira environment and our translation management system. You can set up filters to identify files that require translation and predefined templates for project creation. The rest happens automatically. Effortless, safe and fast.

  • Files are automatically collected based on a customizable synchronization schedule 
  • We work our magic on the files
  • The translated result is uploaded to your Jira issue as a new file attachment

All-round Jira Translation

In between collecting your projects and uploading the translations to your Jira tickets, we do what we do best. We find expert IT translators who are familiar with code, placeholders and more. We reach out to creative linguists who can create a convincing website in your target language. And we match our translation workflows to your agile development workflows, so translation will never slow down your team.

Boost Your Business through Modern Translation Technology


Translators are no strangers to software. We work with different types of advanced CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation) to deliver consistent quality faster. These tools can process a wide variety of file types, like HTML, JSON, XML and more. Find out how you can benefit from these tools in our white paper.

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Choosing the Right Translation Partner


Translation of your app or software content provides greater opportunities for your business, but only when handled by the right partner. How do you find one who not only understands your business but can also keep up with your agile workflows and ad-hoc requests? Our white paper is a good start.

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Custom Translation Workflows

Your Jira translation projects are in safe hands with us, but we understand if you have questions. We would be happy to answer them. Or take a look at some of the custom workflows we set up for other clients in the software industry to get an idea of what we can do for you. Whether they request large monthly volumes or small urgent projects, we build a team and workflow to continuously match their needs.

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