Medical Translation

Specialized in Clinical Trials, Medicines and Devices

Multilingal Medical Communications

Modern medicine is very much a global affair. Clinical studies are often conducted in multiple countries and require timely medical document translations to avoid costly delays. Similarly, developing and marketing new medicines or medical devices involves a lot of documents and strict local regulations. We provide expert medical and pharmaceutical translation services for every stage.

Trusted Medical Translations

For medical translation services, we don’t take any risks – we always select qualified translators.

Our translators have a medical background or plenty of experience in medical and pharmaceutical translation. We employ a thorough QA process and pay extra attention to terminology and numbers.

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Trusted Medical Translations

Targeted Medical Content

Your medical document translations need to be accurate and clear, but also locally relevant and compliant.

We are acquainted with country regulations and mandatory templates for specific documents. We also take into account your target groups to provide translations in the appropriate form and style.

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Medical Translation for CATO SMS


CATO SMS is a full-service contract research organization specialized in oncology trials with clients and patients worldwide. From Informed Consent Forms to protocols, read how our medical translations support CATO SMS in conducting clinical trials in different countries.

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Choosing the Right Translation Partner


Your medical document translations should be handled by an expert in the field with the ability to provide excellent translation and quality control services. Read our tips for navigating the various service options and finding the right partner for your content.

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Your Partner for All Medical Texts

Medical translations are required at many different stages and in many different forms: from regulatory documents and consent forms to instructions and packaging for medicine. We can support your multi-country clinical studies, provide marketing for your new drug that adheres to all local standards, translate your e-health software and more. We look forward to bringing your important work to new countries.

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