“By creating a dedicated and scalable team for Microsoft, we are able to translate up to 140,000 words per week.”

Daan Belder Project Manager

About Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the world’s largest and best known tech companies. Some of its main activities are developing innovative software and manufacturing electronics, such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and the Xbox console. Microsoft was established in 1975 and has continued to develop their signature products ever since. Since 2010 they also offer Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service used for building, testing and managing applications and services through data centers.


Words Translated


Translators Deployed


Year of Service

Microsoft’s Request

Microsoft was looking for a fast-paced, agile working localization partner that could handle large volumes of translations at once. The texts are all related to Microsoft Azure, ranging from quickstart manuals for developers and patch notes to troubleshooting pages and learning paths for certification. These translations need to be clear, focussed on the target audience and on brand. Microsoft requires translators to adhere to a specific tone of voice and strictly follow an elaborate style guide and glossary.

Services We Provided

We provide fast turnaround times of high volumes, up to 140,000 translated words a week. We translate software and app-related texts from English to Dutch, using machine translation to maximize efficiency.

Our Solution

To meet the set expectations, we set up a dedicated and scaleable translation team. Our project manager quickly responds to ensure continuous flow, while our set team of translators is very experienced and therefore able to deliver consistent, on brand software and app translation. To reach the fastest translation speed possible without compromising on quality, we make use of machine translation tools to assist our translators. To ensure quality, we have embedded a review step in the workflow, as a result of which we always score above 95% on Microsoft’s own quality assurance.

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