“By adhering to an agile work style and using machine translation to reduce cost and time spent, we are able to translate great volumes with high quality every single day.”

Diana Paulussen Project Manager

About Google

As a multinational and cutting-edge tech company, Google has been a market leader in developing internet-related services, software, hardware and has worked on many other technological innovations over the past 20 years. Google is centered around their core value of making information as accessible, insightful and usable as possible and while doing so they maintain the highest standards for all their products and communication. Naturally, they expect the same of the translation services they engage.


Words Translated


Translators Deployed


Years of Service

Google’s Request

Google expects very high quality and fast turn-around times for each job they commission. Because new content is added almost continuously, the workflow needs to be adapted to the ongoing flow of translation requests. To reach the highest quality of on-brand translation, our linguists followed a special multi-day training on company specific style, vocabulary and workflow. The customer regularly executes Language Quality Evaluations, for which our linguists proudly hold an almost consistent 100% score.

Services We Provided

For Google our linguists translate texts that include legal content, marketing copy, financial documents, parts of the user interface and help texts for customers and developers. We also localize all content for the target audience.

Our Solution

In order to provide quick paced delivery every day, we have adapted an agile way of working in which we can respond fast to accept great volumes. Because the workflow is consistent, startup fees could be waived. To ensure the high quality translation we stand for, our translators invested in getting to know the tone of voice and style of the company first. While translating for Google, we make use of their state-of-the-art machine translation, which enables translators to work much faster and more consistently, resulting in significant cost reductions.

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