Ecommerce Translation

Localizing Every Step of the Customer Journey

Reach International Customers

Global ecommerce sales grow year after year. But with the number of shopping sites also growing, consumers get to pick and choose where they spend their money. As a store owner, you can’t just sit back and watch the orders roll in. To stay ahead of the competition and make sure your investments pay off, creating relevant, localized customer experiences is key. This is where ecommerce translation comes in.

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Ecommerce Translation Strategy

A well thought-out, streamlined strategy for ecommerce translation can help you boost customer engagement, conversions and retention.

If your business is ready to tap into the global market, you need translations for every part of the customer journey. Our expert team can match all these different text types to the right translation strategy and translator.

A Local Look and Feel

Even if your online shop uses the language of your audience, visitors can still feel lost if it doesn’t match their expectations.

A successful ecommerce translation strategy involves more than converting text into another language. To make your store appealing to local shoppers, you need to use the right content, design, currency and more.

Your Content Reimagined

When the competition is fierce, a “simple translation” might not be enough to convince your target audience.

Your carefully constructed product names or ad campaigns convey a specific idea or message to your audience. With their cultural knowledge and creativity, our translators can achieve the same in another language.

Turn Your Webshop into an International Success!

Looking to expand the reach of your webshop to other countries? Scriptware can help you with all aspects of your international adventure. Contact us now.

Efficient Ecommerce Translation

Don’t let the numbers hold you back: advanced automated translations can make your project cheaper and faster.

If those endless Help articles and product descriptions have you worrying about planning and budget, computer translations could be the answer. Combined with human revision for better quality, you can have it all.

Consistency is Key

By optimizing your source content, we can eliminate potentially confusing variations and unnecessary extra costs.

In ecommerce translation, we often see duplicate content with slight differences in spelling, capitalization or phrasing. Ironing out these inconsistencies saves you money and improves your original text and the translations yet to come.

Everything You Need to Succeed

To truly expand your audience, you need to show potential customers relevant and attractive content every step of the way. Grab their attention with powerful online ads while generating more organic traffic thanks to expert SEO research. Make sure every part of your website is translated and consider a localized email campaign to encourage customers to return. Our project managers are familiar with all these aspects of ecommerce translation and can put together a customized solution for success.

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