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Virtually every business now depends on its website as its primary means of communication with the outside world. Do you want to conquer foreign markets? Then the translation of your website is the logical first step. But website translation involves a lot more than simply translating the website content into another language. Of course you need to have properly translated, creative website content. But that is not the only thing. You also have to make sure the translated website is easy to find for users in another country. So how do you make sure you get on the front page of the Google hit list?

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Even if you're current website has search engine optimisation (SEO) in your own language, will the international audience still be able to find it when it is translated? Especially if you want to use search engine adverts (SEA) to increase the impact of your website. In that case, it is vital for any translated adverts to match the translated content of your website. That is why we not only handle the translation of the website content for you, we also give you useful advice about SEO and SEA, and carry out research into any relevant search words in another language as well. In other words, we can meet all your website translation needs, and get you the hits that lead to sales!

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Before you start translating your website, you need to think about the underlying technology. There are thousands of apps and tools for building and managing websites which anyone can download from the internet. But there are also advanced content management systems (CMS), which give your website that extra visual flair. But how will the system behave when the website gets translated into different languages? Will it still work? Or will your website designer have to make all kinds of changes first? Scriptware has a platform that can create a direct link between your website CMS and the translation environment used by our translators. It not only saves time and money, it also eliminates potential errors. Contact us now to get a quotation or to discuss your situation with one of our advisers.

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