InDesign Translation

Save Time on Multilingual Projects

Efficient Translation of INDD Files

Once the designs of a certain book, flyer or document are completed, you want to spend as little time as possible importing and exporting texts for translation. However, this is more easily said than done. For fast and quality InDesign translation, you need to take into account multiple factors while designing the files. We assist you with these preparations and have a quick and easy to use translation solution for the InDesign translation that follows.

InDesign Translation Best Practices

Through years of experience we have become experts in how to prepare your files for the easiest translation workflow. Once you know how to do this, it will save you significant amounts of time for each document.

We Assist You With:

  • Using layers to your advantage and controlling which text gets translated
  • Making sure your layout changes as little as possible
  • Connecting your files to our translation system for easy import and export
  • Translating text from graphs without any hassle
  • Using white space to account for varying language length

Spend Less Time Importing Translations

Efficient InDesign translation saves a lot of work. We know how.

Without touching your designs, we can export texts for translation right into our CAT tool (Computer Aided Translation Tool). That is where our translators work their magic. Afterwards, we can send the translations right back in place, requiring only the minimum amount of in-context revision to check if everything fits properly. Say goodbye to copying and pasting.

Translate Any InDesign Document

Whether you are in the business of books, white papers or ecommerce: once you want to go global, you’ll likely need localized content. Scriptware is an experienced partner that assists with all kinds of InDesign translations. And we’re not just talk: we used our InDesign solution for our own white papers too.

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