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User interfaces, dialogues, and help systems

Translated software means satisfied clients

The translation of software can be a costly and time-consuming process. Next to the user interface (UI), dialogues, and error messages in the software, there is often a help system or user guide as well. And each area is an additional cost item. On the other hand, it is a known fact that translated software sells better than non-translated software. So what if you could get your software translated, at a price you can afford? And what if you only need to translate the UI, or just the user guide or help system?

Our translators can make it happen

And if you decide to go ahead and translate your software, where should the translator start first? With the software or the help system? Do you have to translate all the updates for the software as well? Lots of questions, but what is the right answer? Time to get in touch with a specialist. Translation Agency Scriptware has built up a solid reputation in the translation of software and technical manuals. Our translators are not only fluent in foreign languages, they are also fluent in programming languages, so they know what has to be changed, and what absolutely must not be changed.

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Mediazine is a dynamic magazine. Translation Agency Scriptware has supported our international growth every step of the way.

- Monique Hemmes, iMediate

Affordable prices

Competitive rates for the translation of your website.

Direct in the source code

Efficient solutions with direct translation in the source code


Using international standards for terminology and style guides for translated software.

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Professional and with a passion for languages. And naturally only native speakers.

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Communication and service. Personal attention is the key to our success.

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That is what you really want. For every translation of a software package!

Essential tools for the translation of software

When software is being translated, it is essential to make sure the programming code is not corrupted, that the terminology in the user interface is also used in the translation of the help files, and that any repetitions in the text are translated in the exact same way. Translation Agency Scriptware has the tools to guarantee compliance with all these requirements.

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