About XTM Cloud 10

17 maart, 2017
María Cruz

XTM has increased its number of users in the past few years and is now a widely used CAT tool among translators and agencies. At Scriptware, we use this tool whenever possible in translation projects and provide our freelancers with a free login. When XTM was created, Scriptware collaborated as a co-developer in terms of user-friendliness, and helped to improve many useful features. Translators are always on the lookout for a user-friendly, efficient and economical tool to help us in our daily assignments. Could XTM be "THE" perfect tool for you? Read more about some of XTM’s new features below.

Online or offline

XTM is an online tool you can use anywhere, at any time! It only requires an internet browser and allows you to work online or offline. You decide the environment you would prefer to use!

The downloadable formats for off-line use are XLIFF (most widely used because of its compatibility with Quality Assurance Tools such as Xbench and other CAT tools) or .XLSM (a macro-enabled Microsoft Excel spreadsheet). Both file formats allow you to use a translation memory. When using .XLIFF, the TM is received separately; in .XLSM files, the translation memory is incorporated.

Immediate updates at no extra cost

When working for a customer with an XTM licence, you do not need to acquire one yourself. Your client can grant you access to their environment, so there will not be any costs to you. If, however, you decide to acquire an XTM licence yourself, the subscription is based on the PAY-AS-YOU-GO model, priced conveniently and within everyone’s reach. This will be a straight-up monthly payment, without any additional costs for updates. Upgrades and new features are generally launched with 3-month intervals and all users get access to the latest version of XTM Cloud once an upgrade has been released.

Files compatibility

Apart from .XLIFF and .XLSM, XTM is compatible with an extensive number of file formats (.DOCX, .XML, but also InDesign, MIF, etc.) offering broad flexibility and plenty of possibilities when dealing with various files and customers.

Customizable shortcuts and listing columns

It is possible to customize keyboard shortcuts and columns display. This saves you time during translation, both when performing repetitive actions and when searching for relevant information for each specific project.

The XTM editor allows you to display string context (or any information you like). This is particularly interesting, for example, in User Interface or game translation.


XTM allows you to automatically extract key term candidates and translate them before starting on the actual translation project. The translations, once saved in XTM, can be used as a sort of glossary during translation. This guarantees terminology consistency throughout a document and across a customer’s documentation.

Terminology can be exported and imported, and any incorrect translations can be modified at any stage. The translator can also incorporate terms to the terminology list during translation or add one (or several) translations to a particular term (by using custom fields) when terms can be used in different contexts, or even include images for clarification.

Instant translation saving

Translations are saved to the translation memory instantly, without any delay. As soon as you use the relevant shortcut to go to the next segment, the translation will be saved in the translation memory and you do not run the risk of losing any of your translated segments.

Agility in team translations

XTM allows different translators to work on the same project, at the same time and using the same translation memory. This way, translators benefit from each other’s work.

Workflows can be adjusted at any moment. Source files can be added or removed from projects during translation without losing any progress already made in those files. Additionally, users can be replaced swiftly, without any impact on the project or the need to restart the translation from the beginning.

In these kinds of multi-user projects, XTM can provide a breakdown of the exact number of words translated by each translator. This means that each translator is paid for the actual amount of work done, making translation in a team a very fair affair.

Simplified tags

XTM shows tags in a very simple way, representing them by single numbers. This avoids confusion caused by tags during translation. Tags usually provide details about formatting choices in the text, but this information is not always relevant during translation. In XTM, placing text and tags in the same location in the translation as they are in the source will prompt XTM to apply the relevant format to the translated file.

Smart filters in XTM editor

XTM offers an extensive number of filters to search for strings matching one (or several) conditions. Once a specific filter is applied, a list of segments meeting those criteria is displayed. This facilitates/accelerates the correction process in individual files.

File alignment

XTM also offers a file alignment functionality through which source and target files with different languages can be aligned to form a translation memory. XTM creates an Excel sheet containing the source and the target languages and uses different colours for each entry to indicate the level of reliability of the alignment. Source entries cannot be modified; however, translated segments can be changed to match the text in the source. Once alignment is complete, these Excel files can be imported into XTM without requiring any conversion.

Corrections tracking and customizable Quality Assurance features

XTM keeps track of all corrections made by a user different than the original translator. Comments are shown with the “Comment” indication. This makes it easy to see (in the XTM Editor) which entries have been modified. Comments can be exported in different file formats.

XTM also offers a wide range of quality checks that can be selected per project. These checks generate a rating of the translation, once translation has been checked and assessed by a reviewer. This rating contains important information for the translator, as it will indicate areas to focus on for each particular customer.

Team responsiveness

XTM’s team is always willing to hear customer’s feedback. They are very responsive to bugs reports when anomalies are found or the tool does not work as expected.

XTM is always interested in knowing what users think about their tool and they are happy to work on any features users consider useful. In this way, XTM will continually add value. To collect suggestions and comments, XTM has set up a feedback questionnaire, available at: http://www.xtm-intl.com/feedback_questionnaire

Extensive knowledge base

XTM’s team offers freely available seminars, videos, tutorials… and provides free access to articles about XTM, a sort of database containing answers to the most common “how to…” questions. They call this knowledge base STEPS. This resource is very helpful for XTM novices, or for those who would like to explore the new XTM functionalities in more depth. This information can be found at: https://xtm-intl.com/resources/knowledge

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