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Medical translation covers every area of medical treatment and care. From product information sheets, operating manuals for x-ray machines, articles on scientific research, to medical diagnoses. Each area has its own specific requirements, but they all have one thing in common: human lives can depend on it. Which is why medical translation has to be both accurate and easy to understand. At Translation Agency Scriptware we know exactly what it takes to make a reliable medical translation.

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Our translators are familiar with the specific terminology used in medical journals that is appreciated by researchers, and know how to formulate product information sheets that the patient can understand. One word in the wrong place can make all the difference. That is why they often have a medical background. This gives them the practical insight to make a medical translation that actually means something. They understand how serious the consequences can be of even a small mistake. Our quality control procedures involve the selection of the most suitable medical translator, use of the latest tools, and proper screening.

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Medical translation definitely needs a human touch. But the smart use of tools makes it possible for our translators to deliver a consistent and efficient product. For example, terminology management software will automatically warn a translator about any inconsistencies in the terminology used.

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