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Translation of your brochure turning into a nightmare?

Get a grip on corrections and proofreaders with Go2Proof

Beautifully designed brochures, leaflets and catalogues are often the result of a long and time-consuming creative process. The content has to be carefully written and improved to deliver the right emotional payload to the target group. Then you have to choose the right colours and images that not only enhance the message, but also match your corporate identity. Of course everybody involved has their own opinion about the right way to do it. Then you have to make sure any mistakes are corrected at every stage of the process. And soon, an already complicated process has turned into a nightmare. Especially if you then have to translate the brochure, and possibly go through the whole process all over again. Surely there must be another way? Go2Proof: it works!

Faster, cheaper, and fewer mistakes

Go2Proof is so efficient that it can make the translation and approval of InDesign documents up to 32% faster. And it not only saves a lot of time, it also delivers cost savings of up to 25% compared to traditional correction processes. It leads to a spectacular decrease in the number of errors. It can reduce correction mistakes by no less than 89%!


How Go2Proof works


Go2Proof is simple. It starts with a source document already laid out in Adobe InDesign. Scriptware can then translate the brochure, leaflet or catalogue into any desired language, and deliver the final version in the target language in the exact same layout. Within the Go2Proof environment, workflows can be designed so the users can check the final layout in the target language, and correct it if necessary. Once a correction has been completed, the user can generate a new final version. A deadline for the completion of the proofreading can be set for each user. With one push of a button, you can send a warning to a user when a deadline is approaching. And after all the corrections have been completed, the final, official approval is a piece of cake. The end result is a fully laid out, properly corrected, and officially approved InDesign version of the document in the target language.

Cloud solution

Marketing managers, product managers, translators, and graphic designers all working together in a single, integrated online environment.


Corrections implemented in fully translated and formatted versions. Online sign-off.

Version management

You can see the entire history of corrections at a glance, and recover any earlier versions if you need to.

Effective workflow

Design your own customised workflows for correction procedures and assignment of tasks to all users.

Shorter time-to-market

Online posting without any email correspondence or interim processing of corrections. It saves so much time!

Lower costs

Quicker to do, easier to manage. And of course no more sleepless nights.

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