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A perfect legal translation: a very comforting thought

Whenever you need a quality legal translation, you naturally want to engage a qualified professional. Just one comma in the wrong place, or one word translated in the wrong way, can make all the difference between winning and losing a case, and that could ultimately cost you a lot of money. Using a legal translation agency with specialist legal translators for your contracts and other legal documents will help protect your legal rights and secure your financial claims.

Meet our legal translators

Legal translators have specific skills and training to make translations that will stand up in court. They not only know the letter of the law, they also speak the language of law, which means your legal documents will be recognised and accepted as legally valid in any foreign country. And if you want a second opinion to make sure there are no loopholes? Then we can have your translation checked locally by an independent legal adviser.

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Competitive terms for legal translations.

Sworn translations

Sworn official translations by registered translators.


All certified and sworn translations can be accompanied by an apostille.

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Specially-trained legal translators. And naturally only native speakers.

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Communication and service. Personal attention is the key to our success.

A legal translation that complies with the law

That is what you really want. For every legal translation, large or small!

Sworn translations and apostille

Certified translations of official documents

Legal Translation Agency Scriptware not only translates general terms and conditions, contracts, and agreements, we also provide legal translations of official documents, such as birth certificates, diplomas, articles of association, regulations, residence permits, and insurance policies. If necessary, we can also arrange a sworn translation of your legal document with an apostille or legalisation.

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