“By using careful and minitiuous translation and quality assurance, we have successfully served CATO SMS during over 500 medical and legal translation projects.”

Diana Paulussen Project Manager


CATO SMS is a full-service contract research organization (CRO) that designs and conducts clinical trials. They are specialized in the medical field of oncology and cover the whole chain from trial design to the setup, management and completion of phase I to IV trials. The organization requires high quality and performance on all fronts, since the stakes in the medical world are always high. CATO SMS has conducted more than 500 trials in over 25 countries.


Words Translated


Translators Deployed


Languages Translated

CATO SMS’ Request

CATO SMS was looking for a reliable medical translation partner that could handle a wide variety of texts and translate from many different languages to English and back. Quality assurance is of the highest importance, executed by linguists with in-depth medical knowledge. High quality scalable services lie at the core of their translation needs, besides flexibly deployable linguists that can work a strict deadline whenever asked.

Services We Provided

Since 2017 we have translated a wide variety of medical and legal texts for CATO SMS, ranging from approval letters protocols to intermediate communication and site contracts. In addition to our own elaborate quality assurance, we also perform backtranslations that function as quality checks of the source texts.

Our Solution

To deliver the highest quality and most dependable medical translation, we only deploy our best translators for these projects and use absolutely no machine translation. For most projects we use an extensive translation memory to reinforce the medical knowledge and terminology of our translators. We also customize our services whenever needed, for example by providing backtranslations or delivering documents that track changes for more efficient processing on the side of the client. Lastly, we invest in extensive quality assurance, to guarantee we’re always growing as a medical translation partner.

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