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Every profession has its own jargon. Some words have a totally different meaning depending on the context or the professional field. And the financial sector definitely has a language all of its own. A financial translation is therefore only worth the paper it is written on if the right terminology is used. Every item on the balance sheet has to be translated in the right way in accordance with the prevailing international standards. Nobody wants their current liabilities to suddenly become long-term debts. At least in most cases....

Financial translation correctly reconciled

If you want a financial report to be translated properly, you need an expert translator who knows the right terminology and business language for the target country. If you want your business partners to understand your numbers, then you need to speak their language. After all, successful business depends on successful communication. That is why listed companies around the globe entrust us with their confidential financial information because they know we will only tell the world what you want it to know. Not only the numbers, but the explanatory notes as well. One decimal point in the wrong place, and suddenly your profits have become losses. So we always check our translations. It's not an audit, but it definitely makes sure the numbers add up.

Software tools cut costs

The presentation of financial figures is a critical aspect of financial translation. Every item of income and expenditure has to be shown in the right column in the right way in order to avoid any misunderstandings. We use the latest software tools to produce translations with the exact same layout as the original. And when the presentation is right, then the numbers speak for themselves.

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