Looking Back at the Webwinkelvakdagen

We at Scriptware are pleased to look back on a successful trade show. On the 29th and 30th of June, Scriptware had a presence at the Webwinkelvakdagen at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, operating our own booth at this trade show for the very first time. Not (only) because we offer our translation skills through our website ourselves, but because we already support several successful e-commerce companies and consider this a great growth market. After all, how can an internationally successful e-commerce company operate without multilingual content?

Can’t Read, Won’t Buy and Other Insights

Fortunately, many visitors agreed with us on that sentiment! There was a lot of interest in our stand and our banner emphasizing that shoppers prefer to store in their own language was a particularly successful conversation opener. As a result, we spoke with entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries in the course of the fair, all of whom were considering offering their products or services in more languages. And not only that: we also gleaned all kinds of great ideas and interesting knowledge from other stands and the keynote lectures, which will allow us to help our customers even better going forward.

Looking Back At The Webwinkelvakdagen Team

Language and Translation: The Connecting Factor

One of the best aspects of this experience, we found, was that we were literally a connecting factor. Both between entrepreneur and customer and between all different types of e-commerce companies: from small specialist to large multinational, they all rely on language and translation expertise from companies like ours. From bicycle vendors to clothing manufacturers and from meal delivery companies to payment processors, they can all count on our customized solutions. Are you as excited as we are about the opportunities offered by quality translations in the global e-commerce landscape? Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you expand your success. 

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